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Balance Therapy in Merrick and Amityville, NY

Many patients who need balance therapy have trouble with fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and concentration. Unfortunately, these issues affect day-to-day functioning, pushing you away from the activities you enjoy and into a more sedentary lifestyle. And this is because you fear making the symptoms worse when you move about.

Balance or vestibular rehabilitation therapy improves dizziness, vertigo, falls, gaze instability, and general imbalance. Your physical therapist at Summit Physical Therapy will devise a customized treatment plan to address your condition and help you heal.

Physical therapist helping patient learning to walk again without risk of falling

What Are The Symptoms Of Balance Problems?

The vestibular system gives your body a sense of balance. It also provides your brain with information about the body’s position. Unfortunately, a problem with this system can lead to dizziness, vertigo, and falls. 

You may also experience gaze instability, where your eyes struggle to stay in the same position whenever you focus on objects.

What Are The Benefits Of Balance Therapy In Merrick and Amityville, NY?

Balance therapy Merrick provides several benefits, including;

  • Increased body awareness
  • Better agility
  • Improved coordination
  • Increased body strength
  • Better joint stability

Who Needs Balance Therapy In Merrick and Amityville, NY?

Merrick physical therapy can help anyone. If you have experienced a stroke or amputation or have medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis, balance therapy can help you regain stability. 

In addition, older adults, people recovering from trauma, and anyone diagnosed with a balance condition can benefit from balance therapy.

What Treatments Are Used In Balance Therapy In Merrick And Amityville, NY?

Balance therapy treats dizziness, vertigo, and falls. This treatment is an exercise-based physical therapy, and it consists of custom exercises unique to your specific symptoms. The treatment used in balance therapy includes habituation, gaze stabilization, and balance training.


If you experience dizziness when you move around or focus on objects, habituation can help. This physical therapy exercise also helps if you get dizzy when you move suddenly, turn your head quickly, bend over, or look up. 

Habituation exercises expose you to the cause of your dizziness. Over time, you get used to the movements and don’t get dizzy anymore.  

Gaze Stabilization

If you see things bouncing or jumping around when you move, especially when in the car or reading, gaze stabilization helps. Gaze Stabilization helps improve your control over your eye movements when you move your head, so your vision stays clear and not blurry. 

Because gaze stabilization exercises minimize blurred vision, they help reduce your fall risk.

Balance Training

Balance Training improves your balance and makes you feel steady. This helps you carry out your daily activities without the risk of falling. As you undergo the training, your body overcomes the dizzy feelings when you bend over, stand up, walk, turn, and reach out. Also, your balance improves outdoors, on uneven surfaces, and even in the dark.

Endurance Training

Depending on your needs, your physical therapist may incorporate strengthening exercises into your treatment plan. These exercises target specific muscle groups involved in improving your balance.

Why Should You Choose Balance Therapy In Merrick And Amityville, NY?

Feeling dizzy, faint, and like you want to fall affects your daily activities. Therefore, getting treatment is critical to your quality of life. Fortunately, physical therapy in Merrick aims to help you heal with our customized treatment program.

Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment if you're suffering from balance issues in Merrick and Amityville, or schedule a free consultation to see if we're a good fit for your recovery!

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What Is Balance Therapy?

Balance therapy is a treatment for restoring your balance. This treatment focuses on treating problems with your vestibular system. You need balance therapy if you are experiencing symptoms such as dizziness, falls, and gaze instability.

What Do They Do In Balance Therapy?

Your physical therapist will diagnose the cause of your balance problems and develop a treatment program to address your condition. Balance therapy for you may include balance retraining exercises, positioning procedures, or lifestyle changes.

Balance therapy is a progressive treatment. Your physical therapist will check your progress and adjust your treatment plan.

How Long Does Balance Therapy Take To Work?

The duration of your balance therapy will depend on the cause and severity of your condition. For instance, if you have BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), you may need only a few treatment sessions. However, if you have a moderate condition like labyrinthitis, your treatment may take several weeks to months.

What Is The Best Treatment For Balance Problems?

The best treatment for balance problems is balance retraining exercises. This treatment focuses on correcting imbalances in your vestibular system. Your physical therapist may also recommend balance aids to help you prevent falls and ways to reduce your risk of falls at home.

Is Balance Therapy The Same As Vestibular Therapy?

Yes, balance therapy is the same as vestibular therapy. The treatment focuses on improving balance and correcting issues with your vestibular system.

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