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You will understand your diagnosis.
You will be provided with diagnostic tests to confirm your diagnosis.
You will understand your options.
You will receive treatment using evidence-based, research tested methods.

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Why Physical Therapy is Important

Physical Therapists are highly educated professionals trained to diagnose and treat conditions that affect the way we function in our daily lives. This "Science of Movement" aims at correcting imbalances in the musculoskeletal and neurologic systems that control our movement. After completing 6 or 7 years of University and practical residencies, Physical Therapists must take a national board examination to become licensed to practice. In addition, there are mandatory continuing education requirements to remain licensed.

At Summit Physical Therapy, our focus will be on the CAUSE. Pain, weakness, and loss of function are often SYMPTOMS of an underlying problem, and will continue to be present unless you find the CAUSE. For example, medications like pain killers are used obviously to treat pain. What is pain? It is a SYMPTOM that your body activates to let you know something is wrong. Finding the CAUSE is the key to eliminating the SYMPTOM. and getting you back to life again. 

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