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Balance Therapy in Merrick and Amityville, NY

Balance therapy, or vestibular rehabilitation therapy, improves dizziness, vertigo, falls, gaze instability, and general imbalance. Many patients who need balance therapy also have trouble with fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and concentration problems.

These issues affect day-to-day functioning, pushing you away from the activities you enjoy and into a more sedentary lifestyle. All because you fear making the symptoms worse when you move about.

Treating Dizziness, Vertigo, and Falls with Balance Therapy

Balance therapy treats these problems. Primarily exercise-based physical therapy, custom exercises are unique to your specific symptoms. But balance therapy uses 3 principles your physical therapist will assess in your situation:

  • Habituation;
  • Gaze Stabilization;
  • Balance Training.

Habituation helps with dizziness symptoms caused when you move around or what you see. If you get dizzy when you move suddenly, turning your head quickly, habituation helps. If you get dizzy when you bend over or look up, habituation helps, too. Over time, you get used to the movements, and you don’t get dizzy anymore.  

Gaze Stabilization helps improve your control over your eye movements when you move your head, so your vision stays clear and not blurry. If you see things bouncing or jumping around when you move, especially when in the car or reading, gaze stabilization helps. Minimizing blurred vision reduces your risk of a fall.

Balance Training improves your balance and feeling steady. This helps you carry out your daily activities without the risk of falling. You improve your balance, and your body overcomes the dizzy feelings when you bend over, stand up, walk, turn, and reach out. Also, your balance improves outdoors, on uneven surfaces, and even in the dark.

Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment if you're suffering from balance issues in Merrick and Amityville, or schedule a free consultation to see if we're a good fit for your recovery!

Balance Therapy Merrick NY

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