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Physical Therapy for Neck and Back Pain in Merrick and Amityville, NY

Back Pain in Merrick and Amityville, NY

Neck and back pain affects people of all ages. With more screen time, it’s only getting worse. To get to the root of the pain, people in Merrick and Amityville, NY, are reaching out to physical therapists for back and neck pain treatment.

Physical therapy is one of the most effective ways of ridding yourself of stiffness and pain in your neck and back. You’ll see quick results and have the tools to maintain your improvement.

It all begins with an assessment. If you suffered a sports injury, were in a car accident, or fell, you already know why you have pain. But there are still many variables. For many, the pain is more about living day-to-day life, sitting at a computer, gardening, or other daily activities. Your physical therapist at Summit Physical Therapy in Merrick and Amityville, NY, will determine the underlying issues and make a plan to help you recover.

What is Neck and Back Pain Therapy for Merrick and Amityville Residents?

Overusing your muscles, strenuous activities, and heavy lifting can affect your neck and back. You may feel a dull or sharp pain in your back and stiffness along your spine. The pain may also be consistent in your middle back, especially after you stand or sit for an extended period.

Neck and back pain therapy addresses pain in these regions to alleviate discomfort and improve your quality of life. The treatment includes several techniques that specifically address your condition.

Sometimes, back and neck pain may go away after a few days, especially after resting and using medications. However, in some cases, it may be a sign of an underlying medical condition. You should contact your physical therapist if you experience numbness, urinating difficulties, fever, or unintentional weight loss.

Physical Therapy for Back and Neck Pain in Merrick

Physical therapy for neck and back pain involves several techniques, including;

Active Exercises

Neck and back pain often respond to easy, regular exercises such as head tilt, neck rotation, and child’s pose. You can do any of these in the convenience of your bedroom, but it’s best to seek your therapist’s advice before you start any exercise.

Manual Therapy

Physical therapists use hands-on techniques like deep tissue massage, trigger point release, and soft tissue manipulation to relieve pain, help you relax, and improve flexibility. 


Ultrasound therapy can relieve neck and back pain when sound waves from the probe penetrate soft tissue and improve blood circulation. Your physical therapist may consider this approach when necessary.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio tape is a therapeutic tape that lifts the skin microscopically and increases the space between soft tissue, thereby reducing inflammation and pain. Your physical therapist may recommend this treatment. 

TENS Units

A TENS unit is a small, battery-operated device that has sticky pads. These sticky pads are electrodes that you can attach to your skin. They deliver tiny electrical impulses to the affected area to relieve pain. You may feel a tingling sensation when undergoing this treatment. However, it is normal.

How Are We Different From Others For Back and Neck Pain Therapy In Merrick?

While physical therapy offers neck and back pain relief, it also treats the root cause of the issue to reduce the risk of reoccurrence. So, if you want permanent pain relief, physical therapy is the solution for you.  

At Summit Physical Therapy, you will get an in-depth diagnosis and treatment plan for your neck and back pain. We understand that your body, condition, and treatment goals are unique. Therefore, we create a unique treatment plan for you.

Our team of physical therapists will monitor your progress and adjust your treatment when necessary. Kindly schedule a free consultation with us to see if we are a great fit for your neck and back pain treatment in Merrick and Amityville, NY.

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Is Physical Therapy Good For Neck And Back Pain?

Physical therapy is an effective treatment for neck and back pain. This treatment addresses both acute and chronic pain, and it involves using exercises and modalities for pain relief.

What Do They Do in Physical Therapy for the Back and Neck?

Physical therapy for the back and neck occurs in sessions. Your physical therapist will assess your condition and develop a care plan during your first visit. During subsequent visits, you will undergo the outlined treatment plan for pain relief. Physical therapy for the back and neck often includes exercises and modalities for relieving stiffness and pain.

How To Relieve Neck And Back Pain.

You should aim to rest immediately if you feel neck and back pain. Resting reduces activity on your back and allows your body to heal. You can also apply ice to the stiff region. Over-the-counter pain relievers may also help to relieve neck and back pain.

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