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Summit Physical Therapy in Amityville, NY

If you are recovering from surgery or sustained an injury playing sports, while at work, in an auto accident, or in daily life, Physical Therapy can help. At Summit Physical Therapy in Amityville, NY, our experienced physical therapists help you to get your life back without the risks of medication, injections, or surgery.

The Summit Physical Therapy “family” in Amityville, NY, develops lasting relationships with clinic patients with our welcoming atmosphere. The clinic is owned and operated by Physical Therapists, offering unparalleled results quickly.

Graham Webb, BSc, MSPT: Physical Therapist, the clinic owner, became a Physical Therapist after being injured as a college athlete and requiring Physical Therapy for recovery. This passion for helping others recover with Physical Therapy is the foundation for the Summit Physical Therapy clinic in Amityville, NY.

Location Details

Address: 618 Broadway Amityville, NY, 11701

Phone: 631-532-6039

Fax: (516) 623-1296

Email: reception@summitpt.info

Hours of Operation:

  • Mon: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Tue: Closed
  • Wed: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Thu: Closed
  • Fri: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

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Insurances Accepted

Summit Physical Therapy in Amityville, NY, accepts and participates in most major medical insurance plans, such as Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, and no-fault.

The complexities of insurance and billing are expertly handled by our compassionate and detail-oriented biller, Nannette Jacobs. If you have no insurance or limited insurance coverage, please call the office to ask about our affordable cash payment plans.

Physical Therapy Services at Summit Physical Therapy in Amityville, NY

When you are recovering from surgery, a sports-related injury, an accident at work, an auto accident, or just plain life, our training and experience will help you. These are common conditions we treat at our Physical Therapy Clinic in Amityville, NY. But if you don’t see your condition here, it is still very likely we can help. Please contact the clinic for more information.

  • Neck/Back Pathologies: Sciatica, disc herniations, whiplash injuries, post-surgical care, arthritis, osteoporosis, back and neck injury prevention school.
  • Sprains and Strains: Neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle.
  • Surgical Post-Operative Care: Total Joint Replacement (hip, knee, or shoulder), rotator cuff repairs, meniscus and ACL repair, tendon repairs of the foot/ankle and hand, cervical and lumbar fusion/microdiscectomy.
  • Sports Motion Analysis: Viewing athletic form allows us to pinpoint causal factors for future physical injury. Prevention often begins with preparation.
  • Tendonitis / Bursitis:Rotator cuff Impingement, patellar, Achilles, tibialis, hamstring, tennis/golf elbow, DeQuervain’s, Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Poor Balance: Conditions that cause difficulty walking due to unsteadiness. We do not treat vestibular disorders.

How Physical Therapy Can Change Your Life

At Summit Physical Therapy in Amityville, NY, you’ll receive a comprehensive physical assessment as the first step. Then, your Physical therapist explains your diagnosis from the tests, and discusses your short and long-term goals. Your treatment plan may be for weeks or months, depending on your condition and goals.

A personalized treatment plan combines various therapies that support your path to recovery. Your physical therapist works with you to develop a custom plan to get you back to your life without the risks of medication, injections, or surgery.

Some injuries appear to heal on their own. But many injuries seldom happen once. Many patients end up with a “bad knee,” a “weak ankle,” or a “sore shoulder” that they forever have to work around.

Physical Therapy helps speed healing of the current injury and reduces the risks of recurrence. Your physical therapist works with you to target your treatment to your specific needs.

What Makes Physical Therapy at Summit Physical Therapy in Amityville, NY Different

We help people who want to regain their active lives without the risks of medication, injections, or surgery.

As a trusted, locally owned office, Summit Physical Therapy is not a corporate machine. So, you always receive one-on-one treatment time with your Physical Therapist. Over the past 14 years, we’ve developed a 4-step foundational system to ensure results.

  • You will understand your diagnosis.
  • You will be provided with diagnostic tests to confirm your diagnosis.
  • You will understand your options.
  • You will receive treatment using evidence-based, research-tested methods.

Our Physical Therapists are all highly educated professionals trained to diagnose and treat conditions that affect how you function in your daily life. This expertise with the “Science of Movement” corrects imbalances in your musculoskeletal and neurological systems that control movement.

At Summit Physical Therapy, we focus on the CAUSE of your pain, weakness, or loss of function. These are often SYMPTOMS of an underlying problem and continue unless you find and treat the CAUSE.

Take Back Your Life

Physical Therapy is crucial in treating many injuries and conditions, especially so you can get back to your life without the risks of medication, injections, or surgery. Contact Summit Physical Therapy Clinic in Amityville, NY, to start living life more fully today.

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