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Cervical & Lumbar Fusion/Microdiscectomy in Merrick & Amityville, NY

Cervical & Lumbar Fusion/Microdiscectomy in Merrick & Amityville, NY

Lower back pain is quite common, and the condition may result from several underlying medical conditions. If you have sciatica, bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, or scoliosis, which are possible causes of lower back pain, you may need surgery. Depending on your condition, your doctor may recommend a microdiscectomy or a cervical fusion procedure.

Physical therapy can help with rehabilitation and proper healing regardless of the procedure. Fortunately, Summit Physical Therapy will assess your condition before creating a customized treatment plan to help you heal and prevent re-injury. Let’s learn about microdiscectomy.

What is Microdiscectomy Surgery in  Merrick & Amityville, NY?

A microdiscectomy surgery is performed on a bulging disc. You have a bulging disc when one of the discs in your spine is forced through a weak part of your spine. This condition causes pain and numbness in your arm or leg.

The microdiscectomy procedure in Amityville aims to remove the part of the disc causing nerve irritation to provide pain relief. 

What is Spinal & Cervical Fusion Surgery in Amityville, NY

Spinal and cervical fusion surgery relieves back pain. After removing the intervertebral disc, the surgeon aims to join two vertebrae which eventually grow to fuse as one.

A spinal and cervical fusion surgery is more invasive than a microdiscectomy. The microdiscectomy is used to treat bulging discs. In contrast, spinal fusion is used for several conditions, including recurrent disc herniation, multiple disc bulging, pinched nerves, or infection of the lumbar spine.

What is Physical Therapy after Microdiscectomy In Merrick?

Physical therapy after a microdiscectomy aims at rehabilitation. The treatment is progressive and will depend on your condition. Your physical therapist will develop a treatment plan that may include targeted exercises, manual therapy, and posture correction.

Benefits of Physical Therapy After Cervical Fusion Surgery in Merrick 

Physical therapy after a cervical fusion surgery offers several benefits, including;

  • Pain relief
  • Prevention of reinjury
  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Posture correction
  • Back and neck stabilization

Why Should You Choose Physical Therapy After Microdiscectomy In Amityville, NY?

Physical therapy after a microdiscectomy procedure can help you heal faster and return to your daily activities with improved strength. Getting this treatment after your procedure can also help with proper rehabilitation and prevent further injury. 

Fortunately, Summit Physical Therapy consists of experienced therapists who can assess your condition and develop a customized treatment plan to help you heal properly.

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What Is Cervical And Lumbar Fusion?

Cervical and lumbar fusion is a procedure that connects two or more vertebrae so they can grow together and fuse. This surgery eliminates motion between the two vertebrae and prevents pain. 

What Is A Microdiscectomy?

A microdiscectomy is a minimally invasive procedure for a bulging disc. This surgery involves removing a small part of the disc, causing nerve impingement. 

How Soon Should Physical Therapy Start After Microdiscectomy Surgery?

It is generally advised to start physical therapy as soon as possible after a microdiscectomy surgery. Your physical therapist will examine your condition to create a suitable rehabilitation program. The program will be progressive and consider your strength levels and healing as you progress.

Will I Need Physical Therapy After Surgery?

Yes, physical therapy after surgery can help you heal faster and return to your daily activities as soon as possible. The treatment involves exercises that can help you regain your mobility and range of motion, improve strength, and prevent future injury.

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