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Face to Face Video Treatment in the comfort of your home...


                                                                                        Wherever that home may be.

On vacation?

Stuck inside with bad weather?

Stuck at home due to illness?

At home due to the Coronavirus?

Secure Technology now allows us to treat patients anywhere using videoconference software. 

Our Physical Therapists can watch you perform a series of movements, just like in the office, to assess the potential sources of your pain.

We then prescribe a Plan of Care including exercises, stretches, and postures to address the problem...and watch you do them. 

It works like a regular treatment, with insurance coverage etc. 

Private Pay requires no prescription, and you can pay over the phone, or online. 

$75 initial Consultation $60 ongoing for 30 minute slot. 

Call the office, or email graham@summitpt.info to schedule or ask questions.

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